Our design concierge service allows you to HIRE US without working on a whole project together!  Are you ordering a piece from our custom collection?  We offer our shopping service and select 3 fabric options for your custom piece.  Need pillows or lighting for your room makeover?  We will work with our specific trade brands to offer options for your project.  





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How it Works:

We provide 3 options via email based on what you fill out in your design concierge questionnaire.  There is a FLAT FEE associated with this service and whether you decide to order the fabrics or not the first fee must be paid in full to initiate the Designer Concierge Service. 

STEP 1: Fill out Design Concierge Questionnaire.  We may send a follow up email with questions to further get to know your project.

STEP 2:  Next we provide a flat fee for our service based on your needs. Once payment is received we will prepare your 3 options to send via email.  This is a one time service, we do not provide alternative options outside of our 3 preliminary ideas sent.

STEP 3:  Once the design is approved we'll prepare an invoice for the items and after you send the payment in full we place the order and ship the items to you when they are ready.  There are lead times associated with each item based on availability, current production and highly depends on the specific project/order. Lead times will be shown with our presentation.


Terms & Conditions for the Design Concierge Service

When we work directly with our clients on our full scale design projects we are involved in measuring each space and providing size recommendations for each piece.  Because we do not physically measure your home with the designer concierge service the homeowner is responsible to confirm sizes themselves for their project and Barta Interiors or anyone from our design team is not responsible for size discrepancies or if furniture does not fit in their home. 

Regarding pillow sizes and table lamps, we offer sizing based on industry standards and will give you sizes to choose from that we feel best works within your space.  Because this service is a flat fee we only offer 3 options that we send together via email, we do not provide additional options and we are not available via email or phone to discuss other area's in your home outside the scope of work listed on quote.  This is an email based service.